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Client-Focused Home Health Care in Greeley

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You don’t want to rely on just any home healthcare provider for your loved one, and you don’t have to. Voyager Home Health Care is the premier provider of in-home care in Greeley, and throughout Colorful Colorado.

In-Home Care Services

Voyager offers comprehensive, medical and non-medical care personalized for your loved one. We’re also dedicated to supporting you during those times when you need a break from providing constant care. We’re happy to provide respite health care assistance in Greeley when you need a breather. 


  • Homemakers offer nonphysical/non-medical assistance with meal planning and preparation, running errands, companionship, and keeping an eye on things while you’re away.
  • Personal Care Workers (PCWs) offer hands-on health care assistance for Greeley residents with non-medical daily activities such as bathing, toileting, grooming, dressing, incontinence support, and medication reminders. Like homemakers, PCWs will also run errands and assist with tasks around the home.
  • CNAs offer all the same services provided by homemakers and PCWs, and they offer an advanced level of personal hands-on care with assistance in walking and standing for those who cannot support the majority of their body weight. Our CNAs also provide vital signs monitoring, and medical support (within the scope of their practice).
  • LPNs and RNs offer the same care you’d get in a medical facility or a nursing home, except our nurses offer their professional services in the home of your loved one. This personal touch makes Voyager one of a few home health care services in Colorado that offers 24/7 extended nursing care.

Online CNA Classes

Our commitment to provide above standard in-home care begins with you. You set your schedule and your pace for completing our online, 75-hour Certified Nurses Assistant training program, in the convenience of your own home. When you finish, you will be empowered with the credentials to embark upon a life-changing journey into the world of home healthcare—and eventually nursing. Our program is the only state-approved, program for online CNA classes for the Greeley area. 

Parent CNA Classes:

You don’t have to trust the care of your loved one to anyone else. If your child meets eligibility requirements for Health First Colorado, you can join our Parent Certified Nurses Aide program at no cost. And once you’ve passed the state CNA exam, we’ll pay you to provide the home health care your child deserves.

Greeley Parent CNA Program

Voyager Home Health Care is a superior in-home health care assistance provider serving the Greeley area and all of Colorado. Our Parent CNA Program in Greeley is designed to offer you the opportunity to receive payment while providing care for your child. To qualify for the program, your child must meet the eligibility requirements for Health First Colorado, and our nurse must assess your eligibility for enrollment. Once approved, you can enroll in our Parent CNA Program in Greeley and can start providing the necessary home health care assistance to your child, while receiving payment for your services.

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For caring, compassionate in-home health care in Greeley, call Voyager Home Health Care today!

Start your home health care journey with us today!

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