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What is In Home Supportive Services ? (IHSS)

Welcome to Voyager Home Health Care, the highest rated provider of homemaker services in Colorado, including the In-Home Support Services (IHSS) program. At Voyager, we passionately believe in independence and the spirit of familial love, and we recognize the need for long-term care for your loved ones at home. The IHSS program in Colorado, which is funded by Medicaid, provides caregivers with a one-of-a-kind opportunity to be compensated financially for their critical role in delivering medical care.

The IHSS program, which is meant to help the elderly, the blind, and those with physical disabilities with daily activities, ensures that they can live at home and enjoy the familiar comforts even when they are unable to care for themselves or manage everyday household tasks. This program empowers spouses, parents, children, relatives, or friends with the confidence to provide critical care, knowing they are financially supported in their efforts.

Our extensive homemaker services in Colorado at Voyager Home Health Care are designed to meet a wide range of needs while fostering optimal well-being and maintaining the dignity of the individuals we serve. We are dedicated to allowing our clients to live freely while also assuring their safety, comfort, and overall well-being in their own homes.

Our Colorado IHSS Services address a variety of facets of daily life, including:

Bathing and Dressing: Our caregivers help clients maintain their personal hygiene by assisting them with bathing and dressing, while also guaranteeing their safety, comfort, privacy, and dignity.

Skin & Hair Care: Routine skin care such as lotion application and skin condition monitoring is provided. We also assist clients in maintaining their hair’s cleanliness and overall health.

Nail Care & Mouth Hygiene: To promote total wellness, we provide fundamental nail care and mouth hygiene chores.

Feeding & Meal Preparation: Clients who require assistance feeding themselves or with meal preparation are given respectful assistance, encouraging their nutritional health.

Mobility Support: We help clients with mobility issues move safely around their homes and outside, enhancing their capacity to live independently.

Exercise Assistance & Transfers: To promote physical health and mobility, our team aids clients in doing their prescribed exercises and securely transferring between locations such as from bed to wheelchair.

We ensure the highest level of respect while assisting with toileting, incontinence care, and managing other bowel-related problems.

Drug Reminders & Respiratory Care: We assist clients in sticking to their drug schedules and provide support for respiratory therapies for those who have respiratory difficulties.

Accompanying to Medical Appointments: Our carers transport and accompany clients to and from medical appointments to ensure their safety and comfort.

Protective Oversight: We give continual, vigilant care to clients who are at risk of falling, roaming, or other possible hazards.

It’s crucial to note that our team works in close conjunction with each client’s medical care providers to deliver personalized care that best suits their specific needs. We strictly adhere to all safety and hygienic standards to offer the highest level of home care service.

We Pay The Client's Personally Chosen Care Providers:

Health Maintenance Activity for Adults =$18 per hour

Homemaker/ Personal Care = $15.75 per hour

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We are known for paying the highest rates in Colorado. All IHSS agencies pay differently.

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