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What is In Home Supportive Services ? (IHSS)

In-Home Supportive Services in Denver

Are you looking for comprehensive in-home support services in Denver? Voyager Home Health Care is here for you. We stand out as Denver’s leading provider of home health care services, including our dedicated In-Home Support Services (IHSS) program. At Voyager, we understand the critical role long-term, home-based care plays in your family’s lives. The Denver IHSS program, funded generously by Medicaid, offers caregivers a unique chance to be financially rewarded for their essential role in providing medical care.

Our IHSS program in Denver targets individuals such as the blind, the elderly, and those with physical disabilities. It allows these individuals to experience the comforts of home while being assisted with day-to-day activities. This program gives parents, spouses, relatives, children, or friends the knowledge to provide necessary care, backed by financial support.

Our comprehensive range of homemaker services at Voyager Home Health Care in Denver aims to meet diverse needs while promoting maximum health and allowing those we care for to retain their dignity. Our mission is to ensure our clients enjoy their freedom in the safety and comfort of their homes.

Our Denver area IHSS Services cover multiple aspects of everyday life:

Bathing and Dressing: Our compassionate caregivers assist clients with maintaining personal cleanliness and getting dressed, ensuring their safety, comfort, and privacy.

Skin & Hair Care: We offer regular skincare like lotion application and monitoring of skin conditions, and help clients maintain clean and healthy hair.

Nail Care & Mouth Hygiene: Our services extend to basic nail care and oral hygiene tasks to enhance overall well-being.

Feeding & Meal Preparation: We respectfully assist clients who need help feeding themselves or preparing meals, thus promoting their nutritional health.

Mobility Support: We aid clients with mobility concerns to safely navigate their homes and outdoors, strengthening their independence.

Exercise Assistance & Transfers: Our team helps clients perform prescribed exercises and ensure secure transfers between places such as from the bed to a wheelchair.

Toileting & Incontinence Care: We offer respectful support with toileting, incontinence care, and managing other related needs.

Medication Reminders & Respiratory Care: We help clients adhere to their medication routines and provide assistance with respiratory therapies for those with respiratory conditions.

Accompaniment to Medical Appointments: Our caregivers transport and accompany clients to and from medical appointments to guarantee their safety and comfort.

Protective Oversight: We offer continuous care to clients at risk of falling, wandering, or facing other potential hazards. 

Importantly, our team collaborates closely with each client’s healthcare providers to offer personalized care tailored to their specific needs. We meticulously follow all safety and hygiene guidelines to ensure our home care services are of the highest quality. Trust Voyager Home Health Care for reliable, convenient, and personalized IHSS, CHCBS, and in-home support services in Denver.

We Pay The Client's Personally Chosen Care Providers:

Health Maintenance Activity for Adults =$18 per hour

Health Maintenance Activity for Children =$20 per hour

Homemaker/ Personal Care = $17.29 per hour

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We are known for paying the highest rates in Colorado. All IHSS agencies pay differently.

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