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 In-Home Support Services (IHSS) in Colorado Springs

Are you searching for top-notch home care services or In-Home Support in Colorado Springs? Voyager Home Health Care is your solution. Voyager stands as the premier home health care service in Colorado Springs, with a particular emphasis on our specialized In-Home Support Services (IHSS) program. We recognize the immense value that continuous home care brings to your family’s well-being. Colorado Springs’s IHSS program, generously supported by Medicaid, presents caregivers with a remarkable opportunity to receive financial incentives for their pivotal role in delivering medical care.

Our IHSS program in Colorado Springs caters to distinct individuals including the visually impaired, senior citizens, and those with physical challenges. It ensures they savor the warmth and security of their homes, all while receiving assistance with their everyday needs. This program empowers parents, partners, relatives, offspring, or friends with the tools to deliver essential care, reinforced by financial compensation.

Voyager Home Health Care in Colorado Springs offers CHCBS programs and an extensive array of home care services designed to cater to varied needs, foster optimal health, and ensure our clients can maintain their self-respect. Our vision is to facilitate our clients in enjoying their autonomy within the cozy and safe confines of their residences.

Our IHSS program  in Colorado Springs and the adjacent vicinities touches upon numerous facets of daily living:

Bathing and Dressing: With kindness at the forefront, our caregivers lend a hand in preserving individual hygiene and assisting with dressing, all while prioritizing their safety and personal space.

Skin & Hair Care: Our Colorado Springs In-home support caregivers help maintain regular skincare like applying lotions, monitoring skin conditions, and aiding clients in keeping their hair clean and vibrant are part of our offerings.

Nail Care & Mouth Hygiene: We assist with the basics of nail care and oral health, ensuring a holistic approach to wellness.

Feeding & Meal Preparation: Our team is committed to courteously supporting clients in need of feeding or meal preparations, enhancing their nutritional intake.

Mobility Assistance: We extend our assistance to those with mobility needs, enabling them to move confidently within and outside their homes, providing them with a feeling of self-reliance.

Exercise Assistance & Transfers: We stand by our clients, guiding them through designated exercises and ensuring smooth transitions from one spot to another, like from their beds to wheelchairs.

Toileting & Incontinence Care: Providing dignified assistance in toileting, incontinence care, and other associated needs is our pledge.

Medication Reminders & Respiratory Care:

Our caregivers are trained to remind clients about their medications and to assist those with breathing issues in their respiratory care routines.

Accompaniment to Medical Appointments: We provide transportation and company for our clients attending medical check-ups, ensuring their journey is safe and comfortable.

Protective Oversight: Continuous care is our promise to those prone to accidents, potential wanderings, or any potential risks in their environments.


At the heart of our service, our in-home care team and our IHSS and CHCBS programs in Colorado Springs make sure to establish strong connections with the medical team of each client, ensuring care is given to their unique requirements. We rigorously adhere to safety and cleanliness standards, making sure our home care services meet the pinnacle of excellence. Choose Voyager Home Health Care for dependable, accessible, and individualized In-Home Support Services in Colorado Springs.

We Pay The Client's Personally Chosen Care Providers:

Health Maintenance Activity for Adults =$18 per hour

Homemaker/ Personal Care = $15 per hour

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We are known for paying the highest rates in Colorado. All IHSS agencies pay differently.

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