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What Your Elderly Parent Should Look for in a Home Senior Care Provider

All types of care services are crucial decisions, but home care brings an extra level of importance because of the personal nature required by the care provider. For elderly parents looking for home care as they age, many critical factors must be considered to ensure their needs are met and their health can remain high.


In-home care allows for greater security while allowing a loved one to be in an environment where they are at ease. Still, knowing what to look for in a home care provider makes the entire decision process easier. Following the tips listed below can help you and your elderly parent make the best decision and choose an exceptional home care provider.


Before looking into home care providers, though, it is first important to know the needs of your loved one. Home care services are just a broad term for the many different types of home care, and just like the needs of elderly parents can vary immensely, so can the services offered by different types of care providers.


To help narrow down the field, create a list of areas where your loved one needs help. Whether this is cooking, cleaning, bathing, or medical assistance, anything that your loved one is struggling with should go on the list.


Once you have this list, you can begin looking into home care providers, looking for the following elements.

To do list
Recommendations of doctor


Just like with all other areas of life, recommendations are a great starting point, especially if they come from people you know. If someone is willing to detail why they find a particular home care provider exceptional, it is often a good idea to look into this service for your loved one.


Doctors can also help with recommendations if your loved one has no personal recommendations from friends or family.

Services Offered

As discussed, different care providers offer various services, so it is helpful to compare the services offered by a provider against the list you have created on your loved one’s needs. This ensures that you are hiring a home care provider who can meet the needs of your loved one.

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Caregiver Availability

Not only are the offered services important, but your elderly parent will also need to know the availability of the caregivers. For example, what schedule do they follow regarding home visits, and what occurs in the case of a caregiver unable to report to work? Are there backup caregivers in place? These are important elements to know that weigh into the decision-making process.


Cost is a common driving factor in our decisions, and home care is no different. When comparing home care providers, you will want to look at the rates of their services to see if they fall within your budget. In many cases, the home care agency will work with you to create a plan that works for your budget.


However, it is also important to know if your loved one’s health insurance or care plan helps (or completely covers) the cost of home care, as this can also help with the decision-making process.


Choosing an in-home care provider is a big decision for aging parents. To help with this process, compile a list of your loved one’s needs, ask for recommendations, and learn more about the care providers to see if they fit your needs, schedule, and budget.


If you’re unsure where to start, Voyager Home Health Care can help.

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