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The 4 best ways to care for your aging parents at home

It can be hard to see a parent get older, but even harder to consider moving them out of their home into a care facility. Their home is where they are most comfortable and surrounded by memories, and it is much easier to visit them when they are still at home.


In order to ensure your aging parent is still well cared for while at home, though, it is best to follow these four tips.

Top tips
Who needs an office when you have a home?

Monitor Their Needs

Parents require more check-ins as they get older, and more than just a weekly phone call to see how they are. This is especially true since your parent will likely try to hide any problems they may have.


To best care for your loved one, you will want to physically see how they are doing. It does not need to appear as surveillance; instead, visit with your loved one in person or hire a caregiver who can do this for you if the distance is an issue.


By keeping a closer eye on your loved one, you ensure that they are still capable of caring for themselves. Additionally, this allows you to more quickly notice when their needs have changed, which allows you to enlist help sooner.


Enlist Help


When caring for an aging parent at home, it is best to enlist help early. Many family members underestimate how much work comes with caregiving, especially as an aging parent gets older and their needs increase. If you wait until a crisis occurs to hire help, it can be hard to determine what type of care and how much is needed.


By enlisting help earlier, your loved one will already be used to having assistance should their health decline, and you will have peace of mind knowing your loved one is being well-cared for.




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Active Elderly Couple

Keep them Active and Engaged

Older adults often fall victim to a sedentary lifestyle, both physically and mentally. However, this can cause age-related diseases and declines to worsen. When caring for an aging parent at home, you will want to help keep them active and engaged by involving them in social, recreational, or religious events and activities they enjoy. Not only does this keep them entertained and happy, but it also keeps them healthier.

Make the Home Safe


If you or your loved one has decided to remain at home, you must take on the task of surveying the house’s safety and adjusting for any hazards or fall risks. Actions such as installing grab bars in the shower, removing area rugs, and rearranging items to make them more easily accessible can go a long way in keeping your parent safe while in their home.

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Caring for Aging Parents


As parents age, the responsibility of looking out for their health and safety often shifts to their children. For those who choose to remain at home, there are a few key considerations to make in order to ensure the parent is receiving the best care.


Keeping a close eye on parents, enlisting help, keeping them active and engaged, and making the home safe are four crucial tips that ensure an aging parent receives excellent care while at home. For those seeking assistance with caregiving responsibilities, Voyager Home Health Care can help connect you with the best care service for your loved one’s needs.






If your aging parent requires professional assistance, contact Voyager Home Health Care to discuss the different care options available.  (719)-401-5654.


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