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Steps to Becoming a Parent CNA or Family Caregiver in Colorado Family CNA Program

You’re on the path to becoming a Parent CNA in Colorado, and we’re here to guide you.

You’ll learn about Health First Colorado eligibility, understand the certification process, discover the importance of training and exams, and explore employment opportunities.

Plus, we’ll help you balance your new responsibilities.

It’s not an easy journey, but it’s rewarding.

Let’s dive into the steps of becoming a Parent CNA in the Colorado Parent CNA Program.

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Key Takeaways for Parent CNA Caregiver Program


– To become a parent CNA in Colorado, your child must be eligible for Health First Colorado (Colorado’s Medicaid Program) and qualify for CNA services through the Pediatric Assessment Tool (PAT).
– Becoming a certified CNA in Colorado requires completing an approved nurse aide training program and passing a written and clinical exam.
– The cost and duration of nurse aide training programs vary, so it’s important to consider the success rate of graduates in passing the state certification test.
– Look for a Health First Colorado home health care agency in your area that hires parents as CNAs and inquire about whether they cover the cost of CNA training, materials, and testing.

Understanding the Eligibility Criteria for Health First Colorado Family CNA or Parent CNA Program


You’ve got to understand that the eligibility for Health First Colorado is based on monthly income requirements that vary by your family size and applicant type. As a parent, if you’re looking to become a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) for your child, your child must first be eligible for this program. It’s a crucial first step in the process.

To determine eligibility, you’ll need to navigate to the Colorado PEAK website and apply for benefits. The application will ask for specific details about your income and family size to match against the program’s requirements. Be prepared to provide detailed and accurate information to ensure a smooth evaluation process.

Following that, your child must also qualify for CNA services. This is assessed using the Pediatric Assessment Tool (PAT), a comprehensive evaluation of your child’s health and care needs.

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Navigating the Certification Process for Parent Certified Nursing Assistants


To become a certified parent CNA in Colorado, you’ll need to complete an approved nurse aide training program including coursework and pass two exams, one written and one clinical. Be mindful that the cost and duration of these training programs can vary, and it’s worth considering the success rate of graduates in passing the state certification test. Some health agencies may cover the cost of your CNA training, materials, and testing, but don’t count on it – you may need to pay out-of-pocket.

If you’re already a certified CNA in another state, you might be able to transfer your certification. Check with the Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA) for detailed information.

Once certified, you’ll need to find a Health First Colorado home health care agency in your area that hires parents or family members as CNAs for their loved ones. Remember, your income as a CNA may affect your child’s Medicaid and SSI eligibility, so make sure you’re familiar with the income limits.

As a parent CNA, you’ll have the same responsibilities as any other agency employee and will need to provide input on your child’s care.

Exploring Training and Examination for Prospective Parent CNAs


While you’re delving into the training and examination process for becoming a parent CNA, it’s crucial that you consider the varied costs and durations of different programs. Some programs might be costlier but provide a comprehensive curriculum and higher success rates, while others might be shorter but less thorough.

Firstly, you need to identify an approved nurse aide training program. These programs can vary in length, but typically include both theoretical and practical components. You’ll learn essential skills such as patient care, medical terminology, and basic nursing procedures.

Secondly, you must pass a written and clinical exam. The written test evaluates your theoretical knowledge, while the clinical exam tests your practical skills. You’ll need to demonstrate proficiency in tasks such as patient hygiene, infection control, and vital signs monitoring.

Finally, consider the financial aspect. Some home health care agencies may cover your training and testing costs. However, if they don’t, you’ll have to bear these expenses.

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Grandmother taking care of her ill grandchild lying on sofa

Securing Employment With a Home Health Care Agency


Once you’ve passed your CNA exams and are fully certified, start looking for a Health First Colorado home health care agency that’s hiring parent CNAs, because they can offer you financial support for your training and testing costs. It’s not just about securing a job but finding an agency that values your unique position as a parent and a caregiver.

Start by investigating each agency’s reputation, support system, and pay scale. Remember, you’re aiming for an agency that understands the delicate balance of being a parent and a CNA, and can offer the necessary support. Agencies like Voyager Home Health Care are known for being high-paying parent CNA providers, so they’re worth considering.

While searching, don’t shy away from asking tough questions. Find out if the agency covers your training, materials, and testing costs or if you’ll need to cover these expenses yourself. Moreover, ask about potential impacts on your child’s Medicaid and SSI eligibility due to your income as a CNA.

In the end, remember that as a parent CNA, your responsibilities mirror those of other agency employees. You’re expected to provide valuable input on your child’s care, making your role crucial in the healthcare team.

Balancing Responsibilities as a Parent and a CNA


You’ll find that balancing your role as a parent and a CNA can be challenging, but with the right support and adaptability, you can handle both effectively. Remember, you’re not just a caregiver, you’re also a parent. It’s crucial to separate professional responsibilities from parental emotions.

Take advantage of training programs that equip you with the necessary skills to provide efficient care, while also acknowledging the unique, emotional aspect of caring for your child. It’s not unusual to feel overwhelmed. Reach out to your healthcare agency for assistance when needed; they’re there to guide you.

Establish a routine. This helps in delineating your dual roles. As a parent, you’re nurturing your child’s personal growth. As a CNA, you’re ensuring they receive the best medical care.

Document your child’s progress diligently. This isn’t just a professional requirement, it’s also a tool for you to track improvements, setbacks, and to plan further care.


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Frequently Asked Questions


What Are the Physical and Mental Health Considerations for Family Members Considering Becoming a CNA for Their Child?

Often you have already been providing the necessary care for your loved ones anyways but in the state of Colorado this program allows you to become a certified nurse aide for your loved one. This waiver allows you to work as a certified nurse aide providing the personal care such as bathing and other skills necessary for the client’s well-being while working for a home health agency.

What Kind of Ongoing Professional Development or Training Is Required for Parent CNAs in Colorado?

As a parent CNA in Colorado, you’re required to keep your skills updated. Continuing education opportunities are often offered through your employing agency. These might include in-service training, workshops, or seminars. It’s crucial you stay informed about changes in healthcare practices, especially those related to pediatric care. Remember, you’re not just a parent, you’re a healthcare professional too, and your child’s well-being depends on your expertise.

How Does the Compensation for Parent CNAs in Colorado Compare to Traditional CNAs?

As a family caregiver in the Colorado family cna program, your compensation can be comparable to traditional CNAs. However, rates can vary based on the agency you’re employed with. Voyager Home Healthcare is the highest rated and highest paying agency here in Colorado. We have offices located in Colorado Springs, Denver, Pueblo, and surrounding areas.

Being a parent CNA also offers unique benefits like caring for your own child and potentially saving on childcare costs.

Always consider your family’s needs and financial situation when evaluating this role. Remember, your income may affect your child’s Medicaid and Social Security Income eligibility.

Are There Any Specific Legal Considerations or Liabilities That Should Be Considered When Becoming a Parent CNA?

Yes, there are legal considerations.

As a parent CNA, you’re an employee and must follow agency rules, even when caring for your child.

You’ll also need to consider how income may affect your child’s Medicaid eligibility.

What Kind of Support Services Are Available for Parent CNAs to Help Them Manage Their Unique Dual Role?

You’ll find numerous support services to help you manage your dual role as a parent CNA. These include training programs, counseling services, and support groups, which provide essential resources and advice.

Additionally, some home health care agencies offer guidance to help balance your caregiving and parental responsibilities.

It’s important to reach out to these services to ensure you’re providing the best care for your child while also taking care of your own wellbeing.


In conclusion, becoming a Parent CNA in Colorado is a rewarding journey. It requires understanding the Health First Colorado eligibility criteria. It also involves navigating the certification process and undertaking the right training. Additionally, balancing your roles as a parent and a CNA is crucial. Your dedication to this path can lead to invaluable healthcare experience. It also provides the opportunity to provide exceptional support for your child. Remember, you’re not just becoming a CNA – you’re becoming your child’s personal healthcare champion.

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