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Care Services/Cost

Care Services/Cost
Arizona In-Home Health Care Services

help for the convalescent


$43.00 Per Hour
Minimum 8 Hours
(Minimum 12 Hours Per Week)
($41 per hour if 24 hour care is needed)

Think of our professional Arizona area Homemakers as your allies providing companionship and tackling daily chores, much like a dependable assistant who watches over your family member, manages household duties, and runs errands when you can’t. They safeguard your loved one, providing constant oversight and friendship during your absence.


They ensure safety and assist our clients with routine day-to-day activities (ADLs) aimed at preserving their health and promoting wellness at home.


Stationed in Arizona, our Homemakers provide many in-home health care services like cooking, light cleaning, and reminders about medication. In essence, they cater to all non-medical/non-physical care focused on the well-being of your family member.

man on a wheelchair


$46.00 Per Hour
Minimum 8 Hours
(Minimum 12 Hours Per Week)
($41 per hour if 24 hour care is needed)

Similar to Homemakers, our PCWs (Personal Care Workers) in Arizona go one step further. They offer more direct, tactile care to their clients. PCWs execute physical non-medical tasks like grooming, bathing, dressing, and helping with toileting (including incontinence) and walking (ambulation). They remind clients about their medications and relay vital information to a care manager.


Apart from Homemakers, PCWs provide physical care as necessary to our patients in Arizona. Imagine in-home health care services outside the realm of medical care when the patient can bear most of their own weight. PCWs may also aid with transfers and mobility aids such as canes, walkers, and wheelchairs.

caregiver helping elderly patient to get out of bed


$50.00 Per Hour
Minimum 8 Hours
(Minimum 12 Hours Per Week)
($45 per hour if 24 hour care is needed)

Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs) stationed in Arizona carry out a wide array of care responsibilities. Their duties include everything that Homemakers and PCWs do. In addition, they can provide medical services within their competency and full support for clients who cannot walk or bear most of their weight. PCWs are also capable of lifts and transfers, as well as the documentation and reporting of critical health signs. PCWs report necessary medical data to a registered nurse.

Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN)

Nurse preparing injection for woman

$55.00 Per Hour Minimum 8 Hours (Minimum 12 Hours Per Week)

We focus on improving the health and happiness of your family member by providing complex medical care in their local Arizona home. In-home health care services enable your family members to receive necessary support without the need to sacrifice their independence, ultimately enhancing their life quality. If your family member is in good health, you or a hired caregiver could provide their care needs.


When the need for care becomes more intricate, our outstanding private-duty nurses can step in to ensure high-quality care at home, allowing your loved one to feel safe and comfortable in a familiar setting.

Registered Nurse (RN)

asian nurse talking with patient in ward at hospital
$75.00 Per Hour Minimum 8 Hours (Minimum 12 Hours Per Week)
$150.00 For Skilled Visits Such As Catheter Insertions or UTI Evaluations.

Voyager Home Health Care stands out as one of only a handful of in-home care service providers in Arizona capable of offering 24-hour and extended care (6 or more hours). If you need a private nurse to be with a family member during the daytime, at night, or both, our professional RNs in Arizona are prepared to assist you. They can furnish care within their full range of expertise and can provide all services offered by CNAs, PCWs, and Homemakers to our Arizona patients. From executing advanced medical tasks at home to providing peace of mind, a private RN ensures your family member receives the best possible medical supervision. We pride ourselves on selecting only the finest RNs, positioning us as the top in-home health care services in Arizona.

Private Duty Nursing (PDN)

Nurse Examining Little Boy
$75.00 Per Hour Minimum 8 Hours (Minimum 12 Hours Per Week) also Medicaid Funded Options Available if qualified

As the foremost leader for Private Duty Nursing services in Arizona, Voyager Home Health Care delivers personalized, Medicaid-funded healthcare right in the serenity of your loved one’s home.


Our team of registered nurses dedicates themselves to offering the best PDN services available in Arizona. We ensure your family member receives the concentrated, quality care they deserve, positioning us as a reliable source for PDNs across various Arizona communities.


Voyager places a high emphasis on well-being and safety in offering such personal nursing services. We conduct thorough checks on the backgrounds of all our caregivers. Fully insured and with unparalleled service, we stand as a trustworthy choice for PDN services in Arizona.


Our private duty nursing services 24/7 for service requests and emergencies, because we want to redefine and set the bar for “Private Duty Nursing” as the leading home health care provider in Arizona—stressing transparency, quality, and customer satisfaction.


Please connect with us at or to learn more about our Medicaid-funded Private Duty Nursing services or to embark on your home healthcare journey with Voyager. Don’t settle for second best. Voyager Home Health Care is the superior choice for Private Duty Nursing and In-home health care services in Arizona.

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Additional Services

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