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How Home Health Care Keeps Medically Fragile Children Out of the Hospital

How Home Health Care Keeps Medically Fragile Children Out of the Hospital 

Home health care provides essential support for adults and children alike. Whether they are recovering from an acute illness, injury, or a surgical procedure, the nurses, therapists, aides, and medical social workers that are part of a home health team do a lot to keep their patients happy, healthy, and independent. Most importantly, home health helps to prevent patients from being re-hospitalized. This post explains the crucial role home health plays in keeping medically fragile children out of the hospital.

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Why Medically Fragile Children Need Home Health

Medically fragile children (MFC) are children who have chronic medical conditions that can
include neurological, cardiovascular, and autoimmune diseases. Children with these types of
conditions are more likely to be admitted to the hospital and to be able to stay at home, they need
the support provided by a home health care team.

How Home Care Helps Medically Fragile Children

Home health care helps MFC with the very tasks that would otherwise leave them in the hospital

or another type of care facility. This includes, but is not limited to:

– Wound care

– Tracheostomy care

– Ileostomy care

– Bowel and bladder care

– Feeding tube (J and G tube care)

– Physical, speech, and occupational therapy

The majority of the children who receive care like this at home are relatively stable medically. But

because they require visits from home health care providers frequently, to provide care oversight at

a minimum, the cost can be seen as a barrier. Insurance carriers like Medicaid pay out a

substantial amount of claims for MFC.

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Parents as Home Health Staff In Colorado

there is a program where family members of MFC can become CNAs. To become a CNA, the child who needs care must be part of the Health First Colorado program, which is Colorado’s Medicaid program. Then the parent or family member must follow the necessary steps to enroll in CNA coursework and complete the clinical hours required for their program. Once the parent or family member finishes their requirements and becomes a CNA, they can be hired by a home health care agency to provide care for their child and receive payment for their work. This allows a child to remain at home and receive the care that they require. Becoming a Family CNA does not work for every family. But it does help close the delay and gaps in care that many families face. During the pandemic, parent CNAs were able to stay at home while attending virtual appointments, meetings, and therapy sessions with their children. And in the end, children do receive the home health care that they need to stay at home and out of the hospital. Only a handful of states in addition to Colorado offer this type of program. But medical care as a whole is trending towards being offered at home. With that trend and potentially updated legislation, perhaps the Colorado CNA program won’t be one of only a few for long.

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