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Factors to Consider When Choosing a Home Health Care Agency

 How to Choose a Home Health Care Agency

When patients and their families are facing an ongoing illness or an upcoming discharge from the hospital, they have many things on their minds, particularly, they wonder how to choose a home health care agency. Home health care services are intended to help patients with their condition and overall recovery. But home health professionals see their patients at home, often at their most vulnerable. So, when deciding how to choose a home health care agency, what should families look for to make sure they receive the home care they need. This post outlines what to look for and how to choose a home health care agency.

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You Have Options

The first factor to consider when searching for a home health care agency is that you have the power to select your home health care provider. This is no different from picking the doctor or the dentist you go to. Patients and their families sometimes feel like they have to use a specific agency. Families may feel the same way about an agency that they aren’t happy with. But it’s important to remember that you can decide to discontinue services at any time and pick another agency at any time or not at all.

The Reputation of The Agency

Quality of care is one of the most important factors when choosing a home health care agency. Agencies are licensed by the state they are located in and if they accept Medicare, they must meet specific requirements for patient management and care. Other health care plans may follow the same guidance that Medicare offers in terms of approving home health care services and certifications.

Try to ask friends, family, colleagues, and medical professionals if they’ve worked with the agency that you are looking into. Did they enjoy working with the agency? What happened during a home health visit? Was the nurse or therapist knowledgeable and compassionate? Was the agency responsive when their patient had a question or concern?

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Will The Agency Be a Good Fit?

Not every home health care agency offers the same services. Some focus primarily on nursing and therapy. Others may offer medical social workers, home health aides, and caregivers. Make sure that the agencies you are considering offer the service that you need. If you know that you might need durable medical equipment (DME) such as a walker, wheelchair, or a hospital bed, will the agency be able to get it for you? And will they teach you how to use it?

Understanding How Home Health Care Works

The home health care agency you choose should be able to tell you what their policies and procedures are for aspects of care such as:

If you will receive a written care plan before services begin. It should include information about your care needs, medical equipment required, and what the agency is responsible for.

  • Are patients given their rights and responsibilities sheet?
  • Does the agency work directly with patients and caregivers?
  • Are their procedures in place for emergencies such as natural disasters
  • When will services begin?
  • How are complaints resolved and addressed? Who can the patient or family contact?
  • Do you have to identify a primary caregiver?

At Voyager Home Health Care, our agency guides patients through the process of receiving home care through us.  We are the best IHSS agency in the region. Whether you have questions during your initial inquiry, need equipment or an additional service while you’re a patient, or need help post-discharge, we’re here for you. Learn how we help patients in Denver, Pueblo, and Colorado Springs, CO by reaching out to us today at (719)-400-2222!

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The Best IHSS Provider

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Voyager Home Health Care is known for being the highest paying IHSS & CHCBS provider in Colorado.

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