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Lone Tree

Client-Focused Home Health Care for Your Loved Ones in Lone Tree

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Your loved one needs a home-based healthcare provider you can trust. Voyager Home Health Care is a Colorado-based provider who offers a variety of medical and nonmedical in-home health care services to Lone Tree residents.

In-Home Care Services

Voyager Home Health Care offers a variety of in-home care assistance options for Lone Tree clients that are designed to support clients in their day-to-day needs. Options include:

  • Homemakers provide task-oriented service for our clients as well as serving as a companion when you are away. Homemakers assist with housekeeping, meals, running errands, and providing supervision when you cannot do so yourself.
  • Personal Care Workers (PCWs) are able to assist in nonmedical personal care such as bathing, grooming, dressing, incontinence support, and medication reminders, while serving in the same capacity as a homemaker.
  • CNAs can deliver care identical to the homemakers and PCWs and can also administer medical care such as ambulatory assistance, transfers, and documenting and reporting vital signs to a registered nurse.
  • LPNs and RNs Voyager Home Health Care is one of the few Colorado healthcare systems to offer 24/7 home-based support. Private-duty nurses take care of you or your loved one in the comfort of your own home instead of a hospital or nursing home.

Online CNA Classes

Our commitment to quality home-based health care in Lone Tree means we are helping train the next wave of CNAs. We offer Colorado’s only approved online CNA courses that are flexible and allow you to set your own schedule. 

Parent CNA Classes:

Lovingly provide the support your child needs by completing Colorado’s parent CNA program. You or a family member can become a paid caretaker for your child.

Lone Tree Parent CNA Program

Voyager Home Health Care is a highly reputable provider of in-home health care assistance services in Lone Tree and across Colorado. We take pride in offering a specialized Parent CNA Program in Lone Tree, which allows you to earn a salary while taking care of your child. If your child qualifies for Health First Colorado, and our nurse confirms your eligibility for our Parent CNA Program in Lone Tree, you can enroll in our training program and can begin immediately to provide the necessary in-home health care assistance your child needs.

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Trusting your loved one’s care to someone besides yourself isn’t an easy decision, but with Voyager Home Health Care, you can feel assured they are receiving the highest quality of in-home health care and assistance available in Lone Tree. Reach out to us today to learn more about how we can help.

Start your home health care journey with us today!

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