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In-Home Support Services (IHSS)in Fountain, CO

For top-tier in-home support services in Fountain, CO Voyager Home Health Care is your ideal choice. In the Fountain, CO area, our In-Home Support Services (IHSS) program distinguishes us from others. We aim to accentuate the immense and comforting advantages continuous in-home care offers for the well-being of your loved ones. Backed financially by Medicaid, the IHSS program extends a unique financial incentive to caregivers for their critical role in medical care.

In Fountain CO, our IHSS program serves a varied clientele: seniors, the visually impaired, and those with physical disabilities. The goal is simple: let them enjoy the comfort and safety of their homes while getting the essential assistance they require. The IHSS program in Fountain, CO enables parents, partners, relatives, or friends by providing them with the resources they need to deliver crucial care, supported by financial backing.

Voyager Home Health Care offers both IHSS and CHCBS programs. We offer an array of home care services, all designed to cater to distinct needs, foster health, and ensure our clients retain their dignity. Our aspiration for our IHSS and CHCBS program services in Fountain, CO is to help our clients relish their freedom within the secure confines of their residences.

Our IHSS program in Fountain, CO covers a wide range of daily life essentials:

Bathing and Dressing: With an emphasis on kindness, our caregivers help with personal hygiene and dressing while always safeguarding the client’s comfort and privacy.

Skin & Hair Care: Our in-home support services caregivers in Fountain, CO engage in regular skincare activities, such as lotion application, skin condition checks, and assisting clients in keeping their hair neat and lively.

Nail Care & Oral Hygiene: We take a comprehensive approach to well-being, assisting with straightforward nail care and maintaining oral health.

Feeding & Meal Preparation: Our committed in-home support team in Fountain, CO aids clients with feeding and meal preparations, looking after their dietary needs.

Mobility Assistance: We extend our hand to those needing help with mobility, allowing them the freedom to move within and beyond their homes, fostering a spirit of autonomy.

Exercise Assistance & Transfers: We’re there for our clients, guiding them in specific exercises and ensuring they move safely, such as transitioning from bed to wheelchair.

Toileting & Incontinence Care: We offer respectful assistance with toileting and incontinence care.

Medication Reminders & Respiratory Care: Our skilled caregivers remind clients of their medications and assist those with breathing challenges in their daily routines.

Accompaniment to Medical Appointments: In Fountain, CO, our in-home support team offers transportation and company for those heading to medical appointments, guaranteeing a secure and stress-free trip.

Protective Oversight: We offer consistent care for individuals at risk of accidents or potential wandering in their living spaces.

Our CHCBS and IHSS programs in Fountain, CO are designed to forge deep ties with each client’s medical team, ensuring personalized care. We maintain strict safety and cleanliness protocols, ensuring our services are always of the highest quality. Choose Voyager Home Health Care in Fountain, CO for reliable in-home support services. Contact us now to discover more about our IHSS and CHCBS programs in Fountain, CO.

We Pay The Client's Personally Chosen Care Providers:

Health Maintenance Activity for Adults =$18 per hour

Homemaker/ Personal Care = $15 per hour

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We are known for paying the highest rates in Colorado. All IHSS agencies pay differently.

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