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Home Health Care Assistance in Edgewater, CO

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Our compassionate and professional home health care assistants in Edgewater offer the kind of caregiving and companionship you won’t get from any other Colorado home care provider. Our licensed caregivers provide a full range of non-medical and medical assistance, so your loved one can remain in the familiar comfort of their home, with dignity and a satisfying sense of independence and a feeling of being part of a community.

In-Home Care Assistance
We also offer respite in-home care in Edgewater for the families of our clients. When you need to be away for work or want a breather from the full-time responsibility of caring for your loved one, we’ll step into your shoes with the same personalized attention you provide. Our caregivers in Edgewater offer these in-home health care assistance services:

  • Homemakers assist your loved one with non-physical and non-medical activities like companionship during friendly card games and warm chats over coffee, meal prep, light housekeeping, and errand running.
  • Personal Care Workers (PCWs) will help with medication reminders and with limited hands-on assistance to those who can bear most of their own weight, but need help with normal activities and other ambulatory needs.
  • CNAs offer full hands-on ambulatory assistance for clients unable to bear their own weight and need medical attention within the scope of the caregiver’s practice.
  • LPNs/RNs offer a full scope of medical services so your loved one can live comfortably at home with a feeling of independence.

Online CNA Classes

Voyager Home Health Care offers the only Colorado certified online CNA classes for Edgewater residents who want to become certified caregivers anywhere in Colorado. You get to set your schedule and complete the course on your own time at home. When you’re done, you’ll be able to provide professional, paid care for your own family member, and even begin an exciting and rewarding career in healthcare. 

Parent CNA Classes

Once you finish the course, we will pay you to take full-time care of your child in your Edgewater home.

Voyager Home Health Care stands as a beacon in home health care services in Edgewater and beyond in Colorado. In Edgewater, we also present Parent CNA Programs where, upon your child’s qualification for Health First Colorado and our nurse’s verification, you can be paid to provide the required health care to your child at home.

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For caring, compassionate in-home health care in Frederick, call Voyager Home Health Care today!

.Contact Voyager Home Health Care today to learn more about how we can help you and your family with home health care assistance in Edgewater!

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