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What is CHCBS


Sometimes it feels like finding any helpful information is like finding a needle in the haystack. While doing your research on In-Home Support Services (IHSS), you may have come across something called Children’s Home and Community Based Services (CHCBS). So, what is it exactly and how does this benefit you? CHCBS is a waiver that falls under Colorado Medicaid. This waiver allows parents to care for their disabled children while being financially compensated for the care they provide. Many parents who have children with special needs are not able to continue working because their child is their priority; between tasks such as incontinence care, feeding tube changes, medication administration, there really isn’t time for a job. Many children who qualify for this waiver are considered severely disabled and would otherwise be sent to long-term care facilities. CHCBS is an amazing IHSS program that not only provides parents with the peace of mind of knowing that their child is receiving the best home care possible, but it also allows for financial relief.

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A few advantages of this program include:

  • Children are able to receive care from the one who loves and understands them the most–their parent
  • Children do not have to be separated from their families to receive the skilled care they need
  • Parents have the option to be trained and learn how to perform the care their child needs
  • Parents are able to receive financial compensation for providing care for their child

Does your child qualify?

To qualify, your child must:

  • Be under 18 years old
  • Have extreme medical needs that would otherwise leave them institutionalized in an acute care or skilled nursing facility
  • Satisfy the Social Security Administration’s definition of disability
  • Your child must financially qualify for Medicaid. Their resources must not exceed $2000 and Federal Social Security Income must be less than three times the monthly limit.
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Ready to begin the application process?

If you meet all the qualifications, the next step is to apply for the waiver. There are many ways to apply:

Once decided upon, your chosen resource will then assign you to a case manager. The case manager will be able to help you with the application process as well as answer any questions you may have. Case managers provide much needed knowledge and ease throughout this entire process whilst ensuring that you have the support that you need and deserve.

How to apply for IHSS

If you or your loved one meet the qualifications above you may apply to the program by contacting your local Single Entry Point Agency (SEP), Community Center Board Agency (CCB), or a local private case management agency. The agency you contact will assign a case manager to the qualifying client. The case manager will then assist them in applying for one of the two waivers within the IHSS program. The Elderly, Blind, and Disabled (EBD) waiver is for those who need help due to being elderly, blind, or disabled. There is also the Spinal Cord Injury waiver (SCI) that is for individuals who have suffered a spinal cord injury that has caused significant physical impairment. Once the most suitable waiver is determined for the individual, the client is given an IHSS provider list. The client then must do their research in order to determine which agency best fits their physical and financial needs.

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Voyager Home Health Care is known for being the highest paying IHSS & CHCBS provider in Colorado.

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