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Tips for Enjoying Summer Activities During a Pandemic

More than two years on, everyone wants nothing more than to resume activities of daily life without worrying about a pandemic, especially now that summer is just around the corner. But for anyone who works with vulnerable populations in home health or who receives home health services should keep these tips in mind when doing some of the most common summer activities

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Second Booster Doses 

While a second booster shot is not widely recommended for all age groups, it is recommended for seniors and individuals who are immunocompromised, ages 12 and over. The CDC generally recommends that people receive their 2nd booster at least four months after their third one. No one has to provide proof of their immunocompromised status. This means that if you would like to get another booster for yourself, you can. It’s also easier for those who work with or know people who are immunocompromised.

Be Mindful of Indoor Activities

 Indoor activities are becoming more popular than ever and masks may or may not be required depending on the establishment, or the event type. Activities such as eating out may be best enjoyed outdoors where there is plenty of ventilation and distance between guests and tables. Because eating cannot be done with a mask, the risk of transmission is higher indoors than out.

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How to Protect Yourself This Summer 

Experts recommend staying up to date with your COVID-19 vaccines, staying home if you’re sick, and communicating with your medical provider early if you experience symptoms so that you can get treatment early. Talk with your home health team and physician about any special summer events you’d like to attend. They may be able to offer suggestions for ways you or your loved one can participate without putting your health at a higher risk than necessary

Indoor Weddings and Events 

If an event is small and well ventilated and people respect distancing, indoor events and weddings can be safer with masks. It is not foolproof, however, even with proof of vaccinations required. The transmission rate in the community is something to consider. If they are high and you or someone close to you is at risk of complications from COVID-19, consider attending events outdoors that are not packed. Crowded outdoor events have some risks to them. If you want to attend an outdoor event, maintaining distance can help minimize risks

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Going to the Beach or Outdoor Pool 

Heading off to the beach or an outdoor pool for some much-deserved sun is a lower risk activity. Avoid going at peak times when there will be crowds. Or head to a spot where there aren’t very many people to have a relaxing time without worrying

Going to Other Places 

Crowds are always the biggest factor when going anywhere. The most ideal places to be are at outdoor, open-air events that aren’t tightly crowded like at a concert. But visiting a museum, sporting event, or doing another activity indoors while wearing a mask in a not-crowded environment is a lower risk than other activities. 

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