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Should We Hire A CNA, RN, Homemaker, Or PCW?

The options for in-home care are extensive, which can make choosing between services and ensuring you choose one that best fits your needs (or those of a loved one) challenging.



While the ultimate goal of providing care is similar amongst all these workers, the way in which they accomplish this differs. To help make things clearer, we have gathered the roles and differences between CNAs, RNs, homemakers, and PCWs.

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Certified Nursing Assistant

A certified nursing assistant (CNA) provides general care for a patient in addition to medically oriented tasks.



This means the CNA can help with mobility support, hygiene, monitoring vitals, full assistance with walking, and assisting patients in eating meals. However, the CNA reports to a nurse or doctor, and provides them with all information gathered.

Registered Nurse

A registered nurse (RN) is a step above a CNA and, as such, is able to provide a higher level of patient care. This can include taking a medical history, assessing the patient’s condition, and working with doctors to create treatment plans.


Additionally, RNs are responsible for carrying out the treatment plan, which can include administering medication and operating any medical equipment.

provider would be better suited for your needs.

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A homemaker’s duty is to provide care for a family and household. This can involve preparing meals, completing chores around the house, providing shopping assistance, and completing routine upkeep and minor home repairs. However, a homemaker is not qualified to assist with any medical-oriented tasks, such as those handled by CNAs and RNs.

Personal Care Workers

A personal care worker (PCW) performs various caregiving tasks, which can include personal care and housekeeping. They typically work with a Care Team or RN Supervisor to fulfill the needs specific to the patient.


A PCW assists with activities of daily living, which can include:

  • bathing
  • dressing
  • exercise
  • mouth care
  • hair care
  • bladder and bowel care
  • medication reminders
nurse and senior man in wheelchair during home vis 2021 08 26 12 07 39 utc
health visitor and a senior woman during home visi 2021 08 26 12 07 54 utc

The Differences

As evidenced above, all four of these workers provide assistance and care to their client or patient. However, the tasks delegated to them differ.


A homemaker is the best option for those looking for assistance with the house, such as chores, housekeeping, and routine upkeep.


However, for those who wish for assistance with activities of daily living, in addition to some help around the house, a personal care worker is best.


Both homemakers and PCWs do not provide any medically oriented care, and if this is something you or your loved one needs, you will want to consider a certified nursing assistant or RN.


The primary difference between a CNA and RN is the ability to make decisions. For instance, a CNA must follow the instructions of an RN or doctor, whereas an RN is able to monitor and evaluate the patient’s response to treatment, giving them more responsibility in regard the patient’s care. 


In general, the CNA assists with daily living and records vital signs. If anything is outside of normal, the CNA reports this to the RN.


The RN is responsible for more in terms of medical care, such as administering medication and collaborating with the other members of the care team to curate the care plan.


Despite their differences, all four of these roles can be beneficial for those who need assistance. If you are unsure about which one is best for you or your loved one’s needs, reach out to Voyager Home Health Care for more information and guidance.

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