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How Home Health Therapies Assist Patients in their Recovery

Home health care is made up of different services, all of which are intended to help patients in their recovery. Skilled nursing services are typically the services that patients associate with home health most often. This post sheds light on the types of therapy services that are offered through home health and how each one contributes to a patient’s overall recovery.

Exercising during therapy
Speech therapy activities

An Overview of Therapy in Home Health

Home health offers three types of therapy to patients. The type a patient receives depends on what

their needs are. They include:

– Physical Therapy (PT)

Occupational Therapy (OT)

– Speech Therapy (SPT)

The goal of each therapy discipline is to help patients relearn skills that may have been

diminished during their illness, injury, or procedure. Therapists also improve the ability to

function independently at home, in the workplace, or at school.

Physical Therapy

In home health, physical therapists evaluate patients, assess what their needs are, and create a plan of care with goals for improvement in the short term and the long term. During a physical therapy

session, a physical therapist will usually conduct a series of exercises designed to help improve the condition. These include things like stretches as well as range of motion, strength, balance, and coordination exercises. A physical therapist may also prescribe a home exercise program (HEP) and ask patients to do these exercises in between visits with the physical therapist.

 Physical therapists can help patients:

– Improve their balance

– Recover from injury or trauma

– Prevent falls

Physiotherapist giving physical therapy of leg to senior patient
Occupational therapist working with mature man in rehab center

Occupational Therapy 

Occupational therapists also assess patients, create a plan of care, and set goals for them. But unlike physical therapists, occupational therapists focus more on how patients do activities and perform jobs in their daily lives. The goal of OT is to help patients restore their independence and improve their quality of life through tasks such as: – Developing or recovering fine motor skills by handling keys, tools, pencils, and so forth. – Working on basic tasks such as bathing, dressing, eating, and meal prep. – Improving hand-eye coordination – Helping patients learn how to work with adaptive equipment if they need it. Occupational therapists will also observe how patients manage other aspects of their health and home and coordinate with skilled nursing and other therapy disciplines as appropriate.

Speech Therapy

Speech therapy in home health follows the same procedure as occupational and physical therapy in terms of assessing patients and setting goals for improvement. Speech therapists help their patients with different issues, which can vary depending on age and related conditions. Speech therapy can help with conditions seen in home health, such as: Receptive disorders: Patients have trouble understanding and processing what people say. Head injuries and hearing loss can contribute to this.

Cognitive-Communication disorders: Injuries to the brain can impair the brain’s ability to think, which causes problems with speaking, memory and, problem-solving. A stroke can cause this.

Aphasia: A condition that impacts a patient’s ability to speak and understand. It can also affect the ability to read and write. Swallowing difficulties: When a condition or injury such as Parkinson’s disease makes swallowing more difficult. A speech therapist will help patients tackle these issues by doing activities focused on problem solving, organization, and memory. They can also work with them on breathing exercises, use conversation to improve social communication, or to strengthen oral muscles.

Cute little boy in grey t-shirt with mom does logopedic exercises

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Home health therapy impacts the lives of patients and can help them return to a level of function and independence lost due to illness or injury. To find out more about how home health services can help people in the Denver, CO area, reach out to Voyager Home Health today at (719)-401-5654 


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