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A Guide to Safety for Home Health Patients

Home safety is a topic that is top of mind for a home health nurse or a physical therapist. The main purpose of home health services is to help patients recover from illness, injury, or surgery so that they can return to living in their community after being discharged from home health services. This post talks about the home safety concerns that home health nurses and therapists look for and how to address them at home.

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Why Safety is Important 

The American College of Emergency Physicians estimates that 33 million people are injured every year. People are prone to different injuries depending on their age and whether they have a disability or not. Falls at home is one of the most common injuries for seniors in particular. But the injuries they cause hurt people of any age. They can also set patients who are in recovery back. So, this is why safety is a cornerstone of home health services.

Get a Medical Alert Pendant

Medical alert pendants are a simple but effective way to make sure you or your loved one stay safe.
They are reassuring for patients that live alone. But even for those who have a caregiver or a family
member helping them out, a medical alert pendant provides an option to get help when needed.
This includes when a patient falls or has a medical emergency when their caregiver has stepped
out or is in another part of the home.

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Know Your Neighbors
Being friendly with your neighbors may pay off when you need help with something at your home.
If you’re recovering from an illness or surgery, you may need assistance with bringing a package or
groceries inside. Your neighbor might be willing to help with things like this. And if something is
going on outside your home, like suspicious activity or an accident, neighbors are more likely to


 Clutter is one of the most dangerous things inside the home. It can be responsible for falls and other injuries. Now that spring has arrived, consider doing some decluttering around the house. Make sure that all walkways inside the home are clear and that paths outside are free of trees, plants, debris, loose bricks, and stones that could cause an injury.

Cluttered Bedroom
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Secure the Home
Small safety hazards in the home can turn into bigger problems when you least expect them.
Check stair railings inside the house to make sure they are not loose or do not need repair. Look at
the rugs throughout the home and secure them so that they cannot bunch up and cause a fall.
When running electronics, internet, and phone cables, secure them against walls or on the back of
furniture to prevent tripping hazards.

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