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Colorado’s Parent and Family CNA Program

A certified nursing assistant (CNA) has many responsibilities that impact the patient’s health, and for children needing a CNA, a parent or family member may consider taking on this role. Not only does this allow them to play a more central role in the child’s healthcare, but it also ensures the child is comfortable with the person caring for them.


For parents or family members in Colorado looking to be a certified nursing aide for a loved one, there is an opportunity to be compensated for providing this care.

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Family CNAs in Colorado

In order to qualify for compensation, there are some eligibility requirements that must be met.

Your Child Must Qualify for Health First Colorado

Health First Colorado is Colorado’s Medicaid Program, which is free or low-cost health care for children and adults in Colorado who qualify. Eligibility depends on specific monthly income requirements.

The income requirements vary based on who is applying for coverage, such as an adult, child, or pregnant woman. Requirements also vary by family size.

For reference, the monthly income to qualify for Health First Colorado for a single adult is $1,507, while a child in a four-person household has an income requirement of up to $3,284.

To see if your child is eligible for Health First Colorado, you can apply at Colorado PEAK.


Your Child Must be Eligible for CNA Services


A child’s eligibility for CNA services is assessed through the Pediatric Assessment Tool (PAT), which is completed by a home health agency of your choosing. Voyager Home Health Care is proud to offer assessment services to determine if your child is eligible for CNA services.


You Must be a Certified CNA in Colorado


Becoming a certified CNA requires the completion of a nurse aide training program through an agency or vocational school accepted by the Department of Regulatory Agencies. You must also pass a clinical and written exam.

Voyager Home Health Care offers our very own CNA school, which allows you to work at your own pace. It is also the highest-rated CNA school in Colorado.

Our program consists of 75 hours in total, broken down as such:

        43 hours completed online

        16 hours in the labs of our classrooms

        16 hours of clinicals in a nursing home

Depending on how much time you can dedicate to your classes, you could be finished the program in as little as two weeks.



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Online CNA classes Are Online, Voyager Home Health Care
You Must Be Employed by a Home Health Care Agency


To receive payment for your services as your family member’s CNA, you need to be hired by a home health care agency.

Although you are caring for your child or family member, it is important to remember that you are an employee of this home health care agency and have the same responsibilities as all other employees.


It can be challenging to navigate the difference between CNA and parent, knowing when to switch from one to the other. With Voyager Home Health Care, we will help you balance the medical attention and personal care roles so that you learn how to easily transition between the two.

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Voyager Home Health Care is known for being the highest paying Parent CNA provider in Colorado.

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