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Arizona LHA Program

You’ve probably heard about the Arizona LHA Program, haven’t you? It’s a scheme that allows family caregivers to earn money while looking after their loved ones. Besides helping to address the nursing shortage, it also offers training and certification opportunities in home health care. Imagine being able to provide medical help to your family member, right from your own home. Sounds promising, right? But how does one get started and what’s the real impact on healthcare? Let’s discuss that.

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Understanding the Arizona LHA Program

Want to become a caregiver for your loved one and get paid for it? The Arizona LHA Program can make that happen. This program allows family members like you to step in and provide necessary care for your loved ones, all while earning a paycheck. It’s a win-win situation created by the state to alleviate the nursing shortage and to give you a chance to be a licensed health aide.

Created due to a statewide nursing shortage, the Arizona LHA Program aims to bridge the gap in patient care, particularly for children with significant medical needs. The program offers self-paced training approved by the Arizona Board of Nursing. This means you can learn at your own speed, making it easier to balance your other responsibilities.

Voyager Home Healthcare, an approved provider for the LHA Program in Arizona, can guide you through the enrollment process. Once trained, you’ll be able to provide skilled care to your family member at home or in the community. This not only guarantees continuity of care for your loved ones but also reduces hospitalizations. With the LHA Program, you can help your family and get rewarded for it.

Requirements for LHA Certification

Starting on your journey to LHA certification involves meeting certain requirements, beginning with completing the necessary training approved by the Arizona Board of Nursing. As an aspiring licensed health aide, you’ll need to follow the approved curriculum, which guarantees that you learn the essential skills and knowledge needed for this role.

Here’s a brief rundown of the certification requirements:

1. Complete the required training: You need to go through an approved curriculum to gain the skills necessary for a licensed health aide.

2. Obtain Licensing: After completing training, you’ll need to secure licensing from the Arizona Board of Nursing. This is a mandatory step to becoming a certified LHA.

3. Find Employment: You’ll need to be employed by a certified Home Health Agency. This goes hand in hand for this process, as the provider you are going with usually provides the training.

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LHA Training and Application Process


To become a licensed health aide in Arizona, you’ll need to navigate the LHA training and application process, which is governed by stringent rules and regulations. The Arizona Department of Health Services and the state Board of Nursing oversee this process. These bodies guarantee each nursing training program meets the high standards required for health care.

The approval of the LHA training program is mandated by A.A.C. R4-19-901. It’s necessary for you to complete specific forms and follow a process map during the application process. You can get detailed information on LHA programs by contacting or Cindy George.

You must remember that board approval is required for offering LHA training as per R4-19-902. A.A.C. Title 4, Chapter 19, Article 9 outlines the details of the LHA Training Program. This document covers standards, program approval, and rescission of approval. By adhering to these guidelines, you can become a licensed health aide in Arizona, making a significant difference in the health and well-being of those under your care.

Benefits of Being an LHA


Now that you’re aware of the training and application process, let’s explore the benefits that come with being a licensed health aide in Arizona. One of the most significant advantages is the ability to provide skilled care to your loved ones. This isn’t just about administering medicine or monitoring vital signs – it’s about offering a level of personal care that no one else can.

Here are three key benefits you’ll enjoy as an LHA:

1. You’ll receive pay for the services you provide, fundamentally turning a labor of love into a viable career.
2. You’ll be able to provide skilled and consistent care, working under the supervision of a registered nurse.
3. You’ll contribute to cost savings, both for your own family and the state of Arizona, by reducing hospitalizations and ensuring continuity of care.

Being an LHA in Arizona doesn’t just mean being a healthcare worker. It means being a significant part of a care solution that benefits your loved ones, your pocket, and the wider community. The Arizona LHA program isn’t just about care – it’s about smart, sustainable care.

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How to pick the best provider

Wondering how to choose the best provider for your LHA training? It’s important to make the right choice. Here are some pointers to guide you.

Firstly, confirm that your chosen provider offers a licensed health aide program approved by the Arizona Department of Health Services. This signifies quality and reliability. Next, look for Board-approved training programs. They guarantee a higher standard of education, preparing you well for your role.

Then, consider flexible scheduling options. Balancing training with other life responsibilities can be challenging. So, a provider offering flexible schedules can make your journey smoother.

Don’t forget about provider support. You don’t only need resources during training, but also post-training support. A good provider will offer guidance even after you’ve completed your program.

Lastly, pay attention to the provider’s reputation. Do they have a good track record of licensing individuals successfully? This is a solid indicator of the effectiveness of their training.

Choosing the right provider for your LHA training isn’t just about ticking boxes. It’s about finding a provider who’ll set you up for success in your new role. Make your choice wisely.


You’re on the brink of becoming an LHA, a lifeline in the healthcare industry. Imagine yourself providing essential care for a loved one, all while earning a living. This could be your path, your story.

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